Georgy – SF, CA

Brazilian Slimming Tea helped me lose 25 lbs!

I was always very thin as a child and as a teenager, after i reached my 20′s i started to gain weight rapidly. I was feeling down, and did not felt pretty anymore. I found out about Brazilian Slimming Tea from a friend of  and decided to give it a try!

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I was not sure what to expect and definitely not use to watching what I ate or calories.  I took baby steps, and followed the diet plan.  The tea tastes great and helps me control my cravings.  I lost 25 lbs and feel great.  The tea tastes great too!

Thank you Brazilian Slimming Tea!

Many people asked me how I did it?

My first step was to stop drinking calories! Cut down the sugar, fat, carbs and processed foods. I learned how to substitute instead of deprive.

I stopped drinking my calories; instead of soda I started drinking unsweeted tea. No sugar on any drinks, splenda or stevia instead!

No foods that  are processed and/or high in sodium.

Always   low fat  foods. It was an easy transition, after i found what worked for me.

I stopped having bagels with butter for breakfast; instead I found my passion; peanut butter and rice cakes with a morning blend Brazilian tea. This breakfast kept me full for about 2 hours!

Instead of high calories sandwiches or bread, I started having salads with 3 eggs or fish/chicken with Brazilian slimming tea afternoon.

For afternoon snack I had another peanut butter with rice cake with my afternoon Brazilian slimming tea. Then a salad again for dinner with my last delicious tea blend!

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