Extreme fat loss just got a lot more HEALTHY with Professional Strength Brazilian Slimming Tea.

This blend has once again blown away the competition by incorporating three new powerful ingredients.

Two of the new tea’s you’re undoubtedly familiar with: Oolong, and Green Tea. The third is a component of raspberry that has been shown to uniquely stimulate lipolysis (fat loss) in both white and brown adipose (fat) tissue.

There’s really not a way to describe the unusual effects from Brazilian Slimming Tea and do it justice. All we can say is, you’re gonna to be impressed by Brazilian Slimming Tea’s ability to curb your appetite, melt body fat and by its incredible feel-good factor. It’s like a happy drink that makes you’re appetite and fat disappear!

Oolong Tea – The Einstein Thermogenic

Oolong tea or also known as Wulong, has earned the Einstein Awared for it’s ability to make you think more clearly, focus better, and oh yes… did we mention that it also is an insane fat burner! A recent, large study shows that even modest amount of Oolong tea increases your metabolic rate and fat oxidation.  How it Works After only 3 days of consuming 300 ml/day, subjects who drank oolong tea showed up to 10% increase in baseline metabolic rate!

Green Tea  –  Melts Stubborn Fat

We are all familiar with those stubborn fat areas.  You know, the one that no matter how much you work out, exercise, or eat right just tends to linger there?  Well, it’s about to go bye-bye fast.  We have added a rare type of Green tea that takes spot reduction from a dream to a reality. How it Works One of the main ingredients in those two blends (Pu’erh) decreases fat masses in stubborn fat areas (A2 Receptors) by antagonizing (or blocking) these receptors which in turn enhances lipolysis in areas that are otherwise resistant. But by adding this rare form of Green Tea, you actually increase mitochondrial uncoupling (an extreme thermogenic process that is fueled by fat metabolism.  This means that no only does your metabolism go up, but it may attack fat in relentless stubborn areas.

Raspberry Tea  – The Fat Eliminator

We’ve already hear of Raspberry ketones (RK) right?  It is an aromatic compound in raspberries that gives it the incredible smell.  If you dig beyond that though, it’s molecular structure is like capsaicin which is a very powerful fat-burner. How it Works The main difference between raspberry keytones and capsaicin is that RK causes HSL (hormone-sensitive lipase) to translocate to within the fat cell.  Once in the fat cell, HSL enzymatically slices apart fat molecules into different types of fatty acids to help metabolize it easier.  This means that you can’t have maximum lipolysis (fat loss) without ample supplies of HSL inside the fat cell.  This was the main reason we added Rasberry Tea to our blend.  Best of all, it’s great to drink in the evening because it aids in fat-loss without caffeine.

Brazilian Slimming Tea Handles the Toughest Fat-loss Cases

Our blend has every base covered when it comes to sound science, great tate, and extreme results.  It has the firepower to handle basic spot reduction to the toughest fat-loss cases.  Best of all, it’s 100% Natural!

In a nutshell, Brazilian Slimming Tea:

  • Increases your ability to burn fat by stimulating malic enzymes and thermogenic response.
  • Increases cellular lipolysis (fat loss) by catalyzing fat lipids within the cell.
  • Improves themogenic response (metabolism) by increasing  mitochondrial uncoupling – a natural process that happens when you burn fat.
  • Improves thyroid response by naturally increasing levels of T3 (The bodies natural thermogenic backbone)
  • Targets fat loss in hard to reach areas like the mid section and lower back.