How to Melt Your Love Handles Quickly

How to Melt Your Love Handles Quickly

Love handles. What’s not to love? Well, not everyone loves them. While their name comes from the assumption that your lover will grab onto them while you’re in a romantic embrace, most people don’t think of them as an endearing physical quality. They’re also not great to keep around if you’re concerned about your health. Excessive fat, especially around the waistline, can put you at greater risk of heart disease and other serious conditions.

If you’re not a fan of the extra padding around your waist commonly referred to as love handles, there are many things you can do to melt them away quickly. First of all, you’ll need to abide by three very important guidelines in order to see the results you want. Only focusing on one of these will yield only partial success, so pay attention!

Melt fat – Love handles usually consist of a squishy layer of fat around your midsection. In order to blast this fat away, you’re going to need to get your heart pumping with some regular cardiovascular activity.

Tone muscle – Ever hear of the term ‘skinny fat’? That’s when you don’t necessarily have a lot of fat on your body, but you also don’t have much muscle either. The result is a sort of saggy look that you could compare to a blouse hanging on a skeleton. Tone your muscles and you will have a much more appealing shape once you burn the fat away. Additionally, when you have more muscle, you burn more calories during exercise and even when you’re resting!

Eat right – People often say that your diet is half the battle when it comes to changing the shape of your body. If you’re consuming more calories than you’re burning through exercise, you’re not going to see results. A healthy diet rich in protein, vegetables and whole grains, while staying low in fat and sugar, can turbo-charge your love-handle-melting efforts.

Exercises to Melt Love Handles- Your love handles aren’t just located in your belly–they cover the entire circumference of your waist, so you’re going to want a variety of exercises to blast them away. Thankfully, you don’t need to own a bunch of fancy gym equipment or pay tons of money for a monthly membership to do these exercises. You can practice these in the comfort of your own home! Do these exercises several times a week, combined with some heart-pumping cardio, and you’ll start seeing results fast. Grab a friend for some extra motivation and start blasting away that spare tire!

1.)  Bicycle Crunches


 You’ve likely seen this classic move being performed at the gym or during fitness classes and there’s good reason for that – it works! In fact, it’s one of the most highly effective ways to tone your abdominals.

How to do it: lie on your back with your knees lifted and your hands behind your head. Keep your shoulders off the floor as you extend your right leg and pull your left leg in toward your chest. At the same time, twist your right shoulder to meet your left knee. Perform the same move on the opposite side. Repeat this sequence 20 times.


2.)  Side Bends 

This is an easy exercise you can modify according to your ability. It strengthens your lateral muscles.

How to do it: standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, slowly move your arm down one side of your body while bending at the waist, then slowly move back up. Do 15 reps on each side. You can make this exercise more challenging by holding a weight in your hand as you bend.


3.)  Standing Twist

 This exercise is great for toning your love-handle area and also boosting your heart rate.

How to do it: standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, twist your torso to the right and punch forward with your left arm. Be sure to keep your hips and legs stable. Repeat on the other side. Do 100 reps.

 Try a Slimming Tea to Boost Your Resultsasiandrinkingtea

 While nothing beats good ol’ hard work to melt away those love handles, there are natural products out there that can give your efforts a boost.

Weight loss tea blends like can help suppress your appetite for junk food while aiding with digestion and boosting your metabolism.


Happy love-handle melting!



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