30 Day Slim Down

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Challenge yourself to reach your weight loss goals the healthy and natural way with 30 days worth of Brazilian Slimming Tea.

  • Enjoy four exclusive tea blends each day for 30 days
    • 2 x 15 count – Morning Blend
    • 2 x 15 count – Afternoon Blend
    • 2 x 15 count –  Evening Blend
    • 2 x 15 count – Night Blend
  • Cleanse your system with powerful antioxidants
  • Replenish your body’s essential vitamins and minerals
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60 Days Detox/ Weight Loss Tea- Appetite Suppressant With Oolong/White/Raspberry/Green Tea and More!

  • No unpleasant side effects! No more torturous cleanses or diet pills full of chemicals-these teas are 100% natural and great for promoting overall wellness
  • Antioxidant-rich! This tea blend helps strengthen your body’s natural detox system, so you can flush out toxins quicker
  • Several of the teas are known for reducing inflammation and providing relief from headaches and menstrual pain. Get beautiful skin! This tea blend is known to promote clearer skin-another reason why it’s popular with Brazilian models
  • To enjoy the amazing health-boosting effects of the Brazilian Slimming Tea system, simply enjoy each tea at its designated time throughout the day. Each blend brings its own powerful benefits:
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